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Mark Hurd says hey to Oracle partners

Newly-minted Oracle co-president Mark Hurd introduced himself to a few thousand Oracle partners Sunday afternoon. And he reiterated what they’ve heard for months now from other Oracle execs:

Specialize and sell more of Oracle’s stuff, er stack.

Oracle’s increasinlgy diverse portfolio–which now includes Sun Microsystems hardware–“is a large, big tremendous opportunity for cross-sell, upsell,” Hurd said. There’s “so much in the basket to bring to market.”

Oh, and specialization is key. Even with 100,000 employees, Oracle does not have the horsepower to build all the solutions customers need, he said.

“We want the channel to do things we don’t. Adding unique solution value, calling on incremental market we don’t call on…it’s all about growth and adding things we don’t have in our basket,” he said

Hurd was introduced to several hundred Oracle and Sun partners by north american channel chief Judson Althoff on day one of Oracle OpenWorld 2010 here.

Services are also key. “The services line in the P&L is flat and that’s strategic, not an accident. We want you to wrap your services around our partners.”

Services will be the VARs greatest source of profitability he siad. “I think there will be adaptations in the services market…[an] opportunity for you to deliver solutions, to engage with the entire stack that we’re bringing to market and when you do that you’ll find a really supportive Oracle.”

Sun VARs were eager to hear what Hurd had to say coming into the show, but also wary. They have seen Oracle compete more with them for legacy Sun hardware accounts and several are angry that Oracle is taking more Sun hardware renewal business direct. Both Sun and Oracle VARs are anxious that the “sell more of the stack” message will mean that they will increasingly compete with each other for the same deals.

This was Hurd’s second public appearance at an Oracle event in a week. He was featured on Oracle’s first quarter earnings call last Thursday.


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