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Making the case for Windows Phone at WPC

By Colin Steele, Senior Site Editor

LOS ANGELES – “The Windows you know” is back.

Microsoft used the slogan to push Hyper-V, pointing out that Windows admins won’t have to learn any extra skills to manage the hypervisor. Now the company is making the same case for another product with a high mountain to climb: Windows Phone.
“It works with the infrastructure you have,” said Paul Bryan, a Microsoft director of product management. “Not just works with, but is optimized with.”
That’s one of the main things that sets Windows Phone apart from the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. But is it enough?
In an interview at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Bryan said Windows Phone’s other main differentiator is the inclusion of Outlook and Office. You can get email on any device through Exchange ActiveSync, and you can view and edit Office documents with other mobile apps, but “the experience isn’t as good,” Bryan said.
A better email and word-processing experience won’t likely sway many consumers who are considering the iPhone or Android instead. But thanks to Active Directory and Exchange integration, “the Windows you know” argument may hold some water in IT shops that take a top-down approach to mobile devices — and it’s the business customers that partners should really care about.

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