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MSPAlliance dreams up service provider certification

One of the toughest tasks for any technology solution provider is building trust with would-be customers. The job gets even tougher when you are asking a business to entrust certain pieces of their IT infrastructure to the so-called “cloud.” Can the service provider REALLY guarantee service levels? What about security? What are the risks? That’s why the MSPAlliance has developed a new certification for cloud and managed service providers that could help in building customer credibility.

The MSPAlliance has already established its name as an accrediting body for the managed services industry, with programs such as the Green IT certified MSP, which recognizes certain best practices in remote management and power management. The new certification, called the Unified Certification Standard, will cover the cloud services and managed services offered by a given service provider. There are two levels: one that covers a fixed period of time, and one that offers a forward-looking certification timeline.

Said Charles Weaver, president and cofounder of MSPAlliance:

“This certification will offer the service provider a public-facing report issue by an independent third party, certified public accounting firm that will provide greater levels of assurance — more than any technical certification — to the service provider and their clients.”

You can consult the MSPAlliance Web site for more information on the new recognition.

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