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Looks like HP will win 3Par prize

Word on the street is that 3Par is ready to be embraced by Hewlett-Packard. As the epic HP-vs-Dell bidding war stands, Dell has till today to counter HP’s latest $30 per share bid for the cloud storage company.

Following the thread, it seems clear that 3Par  management prefers (or preferred) Dell.  The company accepted Dell’s initial $18 per share bid. Fast forward,  after HP upped its bid to $24, Dell came back with $24.30 which 3Par again accepted.

Some think Dell is a better home than HP–which fields a confusing array of storage offerings from StorageWorks to HDS to LeftHand Networks’ iSCSI lineup and has struggled to pull all of that together into a cohesive lineup. Storage watchers say Dell, on the other hand, did a good job pulling EqualLogic into the fold. Of course, Dell’s storage picture is also somewhat complicated by its alliance with EMC.

If 3Par ends up spurning Dell, it will have to cough up $72 million (up from the $53 million laid out in earlier offers.)

One reseller who is allied with HP and who has watched this drama unfold said Dell, when it upped HP’s bid by a wan 30 cents blew it.  “I laugh at that puny 30 cents,” he said.

“Who at Dell forgot they were bidding against HP? If this was a poker game they just blew it,” he said.

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