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Lenovo Burns A Hole In Dell Management

The NY Times reports that Lenovo has hired yet another exec from Dell–the fourth in 8 days.

Lenovo, the Chinese computer maker that bought I.B.M.’s personal computer business for $1.25 billion last year, has been trying to beef up its executive ranks and transform itself into a global computer giant in a fiercely competitive market.

The new hire is Christopher Askew, VP of Dell Services. Previous hires were David Schmook, a VP of marketing; David Miller, head of Dell China; and Sotaro Amano, director of Japanese home and business sales.

Considering Bill Amelio, the CEO of Lenovo, is a former Dell denizen as well, it leaves room to wonder if Lenovo is planning on stealing Dell’s business model as well by emphasizing direct sales at the expense of the channel. And the hiring of Askew indicates that Lenovo may be looking to be a lot more to large customers than just a laptop supplier.

Askew’s hire comes on the heels of news that Dell is taking over desktop support for Citigroup as part of an outsourced services deal, though it’s not clear that Askew was involved in that transaction. Neither Dell nor Citigroup have spoken publicly about the deal, which was revealed by an irate soon-to-be-ex-Citigroup technician with a blog.

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