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Keep your eye on Sana Security

Behavior blocking and heuristics are the next next big thing in malware prevention strategy. It’s like when Prince was singing about 1999 in 1983. One AV vendor using these technologies is San Mateo, Calif.-based behavioral security company Sana Security.

Yesterday, Sana Security announced that they have hired Don Listwin as their new CEO. According to the press release, “In his new position, Listwin will focus on company financing, formulating strategy, and developing partner relationships.”

The company has also closed in on $12 million in funding to fuel a massive expansion.

ZDNet blogger Ryan Naraine thinks that the company will quickly become a prime target for acquisition since the company’s main focus, behavior blocking software, will soon be a necessary component in successful antivirus suites.

My advice to you: Get in while the getting is good. Stay a step ahead. Learn about Sana’s partner program, and compare it to the partner programs of other security vendors with the partner program checklists on Then you can party like it’s 1999 in 2007 when you’ve impressed your customers with forward thinking.

Do you think that something else is the next next big thing? Let us know, and we’ll help you navigate the details.

-Julia Henderson

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