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Kaseya launches program to help managed services providers

Automation software vendor Kaseya is offering a new program to help its channel partners provide managed services.

Kaseya’s emPower Program, launched today, supports partners’ managed services with around-the-clock IT monitoring, training and additional educational resources. The company is highlighting the monitoring service, called IT Monitor Assist, as a way for partners to set themselves apart in the market — and for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer services they may not have the resources to offer otherwise. Kaseya staff will monitor customers’ networks in real time from locations in North America, Europe and Asia, then analyze any incidents and notify a designated contact person at the MSP if needed. (The touted response time is between 15 and 30 minutes.)

The monitoring service will cut down on false alarms and reduce the number of IT managers who are “sleeping with a beeper on,” said Tim McMullen, Kaseya’s chief operating officer. MSPs can have it up and running at customer sites within 72 hours, and they can also pick and choose which servers and applications they want to monitor for customers, said Dan Shapero, senior vice president of marketing. Pricing depends on how many endpoints an MSP wants Kaseya to monitor for a customer, but it could be as low as $2 per endpoint, Shapero said.

The educational portion of the emPower Program includes a toolkit with access to technical data, sales and marketing resources and customer service templates. The goal there is to help partners make the transition from the reseller model to the MSP model, McMullen said.

“It’s a whole shift in the way they do business,” he said.

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