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Jerry York, who left his mark on IBM, GM, dead

Jerry York, the legendary numbers guy who played key roles at GM, IBM, Apple and other fortune 500 giants, died today. The cause was reported to be an aneurysm.


York famously arrived at Big Blue with new Chairman Lou Gerstner, and as CFO streamlined that company’s operations. In one anecdote he toured IBM’s office product supply closets and found the company wasted too much money on different sizes and types inter-office envelopes. He was also involved in Kirk Kerkorian’s failed bid for Chrysler.

 York, who was 71, joined Apple’s board in 1997.


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Love the idea, but from my experience that’s going to take one heck of large paradigm shift. I think that the auditors will be more open to it, as it removes a potential obstacle and allows the results of their audits to be used for a larger purpose and have a greater impact on the business. On the other hand, many CISOs are going to need to get a handle on the defensive postures of their teams that often accompany audit findings. Thanks for the write-up. I’ll certainly be sharing this with my coworkers!