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IT decision makers split on impact of impending election

I don’t usually get pulled into politics in my blogs, but I couldn’t resist a recent survey released by CDW with some data pertaining to how the upcoming election may or may not affect IT spending. The research is part of the solution provider’s bimonthly CDW IT Monitor.

The survey conducted in July among roughly 1,060 IT decision makers revealed that 28 percent of them trust Barack Obama more when it comes to handling issues of concern for IT professionals.

BUT, the same number of individuals indicated that they trusted John McCain more.

What’s even more telling, perhaps, is that 22 percent of the respondents trusted neither candidate.

About 43 percent of those surveyed by CDW said they thought the election in November would affect their company’s IT decisions. Of that group, about 83 percent said overall budget decisions will be most affected (although they didn’t indicate whether that would be positively or negatively). The top three “national” IT issues that survey respondents believed will be affected by the election were tax policies (cited by 47 percent), cyber-security and data protection (38 percent), and offshore outsourcing (36 percent). Global trade, technology standards and privacy legislation weren’t all that far behind.

When it comes purely to matters of IT growth over the next six months, 42 percent of the surveyed IT decision makers indicated their budgets will stay the same, while 37 percent predicted they will increase a little.

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