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IBM offers open source desktop applications

Another open source desktop applications suite, backed by a major vendor, is out today.

IBM launched Lotus Symphony, a free, downloadable software package for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations using the Open Document Format. The announcement comes a week after IBM joined and Microsoft lost its bid to get its alternative format, OOXML, approved in Europe. In a press release posted on IBM’s Lotus Web site, the company touted Symphony’s capability to help users share information more easily.

“With the Open Document Format, businesses can unlock their information, making it universally accessible on any platform and on the Web in highly flexible ways,” said Steve Mills, a senior vice president and group executive.

Last month, Google made Sun’s StarOffice — which is based on the open source OpenOffice suite — available for free through its Google Pack downloads. In that story, Microsoft Office faces challenge from Google, Sun, experts say that StarOffice could give users a viable alternative to the market-leading Microsoft Office.

Do you think IBM Lotus Symphony can do the same?

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Microsoft is having a bad week !!! Projity has open sourced OpenProj, a complete replacement of Microsoft Project. OpenProj even opens existing native Microsoft Project files and is available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows. Microsoft Project costs $1,000 a copy .... OpenProj is free ! Project is part of the Microsoft Office family of products and is their largest profit margin SKU. It drives over $1billion in revenue, or did before OpenProj. Microsoft Project resides on 7% of all Office desktops so this is a huge addition to the efforts of Google, Sun, Novell and IBM in offering alternative Office suites to Microsoft. There has been Word, Excel and Powerpoint replacements, there is now a key replacement for Project. The OpenProj solution has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the first month. Projity has both desktop and SaaS solutions so this is a major addition to Google Applications online Office and IBM/Sun's desktop Office suite. This is huge, way to go Projity !!!!!!
The use of open source environments for enterprise software projects is growing at an unprecedented rate, with notable peaks of interest among financial services and public sector organizations..I prefer Paragent where anyone can download the code, make enhancements, and participate in the community. Project is hosted at Any opinions are invited. Thanks in Advance Shaun