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Huh. CDW is now a Cisco TelePresence partner?

This development is bound to irk some technology solution providers that have spent oodles of money over the past several years building out practices to deploy Cisco TelePresence solutions. CDW has announced this week that it is now a TelePresence Video Master Authorized Technology Provider. Which means it can pretty much install any TelePresence solution. Anywhere.

The Master status signifies that CDW has ponied up the training money and personnel to develop skills in the advanced collaboration technologies that come as part of TelePresence solutions. It is qualified to sell everything from the single-screen units up into custom TelePresence suites.

This is great news for Cisco, which gains an incredibly high-profile partner in one of its most important emerging technologies areas.

But I have to wonder about the other leading-edge technology solution providers that have helped Cisco build up word-of-mouth and credibility for TelePresence solutions, pioneering the company’s success in this category. Does this move signify that the company will open up the TelePresence technologies into the broader Cisco channel program (instead of “just” the emerging technologies track) sooner rather than later.

The development should stoke the flames of the age-old VAR versus CDW competitive rivalry. Still, it is a sign that video collaboration solutions are becoming more mainstream.

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Hi Ethan,

I thought SAP chose application servers approach over DB server for 2 reasons:

1) H/W processing constraints on resources - memory, CPU etc. several decades ago. (Could single non-RAC(sorry Oracle talk) DB server support what several application servers + CI have been doing?).

2) DB's locking mechanism wouldn't allow the applications to scale(read the level of concurrency, enqueue/dequeue in SAP, VB tables etc) had SAP decided to use DB's stored procedures, triggers etc.

Actually when I moved to SAP from non-SAP world, the first thing I noticed was the absence of lock related errors or waits in SAP applications -- in non-SAP world, in order to improve the level of concurrency, one can set the lock mode to wait.
In SAP programs, I don't believe I've ever seen "the lock mode to wait" option.

Even today we've multiple application servers because one or two application servers can't perform efficiently.

When SAP announced one version to support all DBs - HANA or non-HANA - I was curious to know how SAP would handle the concurrency, scalability etc in disk based DBMSs assuming there're no HW constraints. (HANA as I understand it rarely uses locks due to "insert-only"(mostly?) processing).

The application servers approach also provide the flexibility in terms of scaling up or out.

Best regards,