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How d’you like ‘dem apples?

It may not matter, if the apples are going out of season. Phone numbers’ days may be limited with the growing popularity of VoIP. Contrary to the traditional practice of telecommunications companies charging users a fee for their phone number, session initiation protocol (SIP), which handles most online calls, doesn’t need the traditional ten digit number (or even the 1, if dialing out of area) to know who you want to talk to.

It’s kind of a “duh” concept, but only recently has someone put a plan in motion to bypass this “ancient” tradition in telecom. John Todd, of TalkPlus, helped create Freenum, an organization partnered with over 200 universities looking to adopt this idea into their own communications systems. The implications for further savings that this sort of “numberless” system might offer businesses are clear. However, it will be up to SIs and VARs to look at what Freenum is doing and adopt it to the channel.

In other VoIP news, industry giant Vonage is facing financial troubles in the face of a patent infringement ruling and negative reports from Wall Street analysts.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, Vonage is the “worst-performing US initial public offering in the past year” and may be facing bankruptcy in the next few years.

Wall Street analysts have given the company low marks after a Virginia court ordered Vonage to pay Verizon $58 million for patent infringement; saying that the result could threaten the embattled company’s profitability.

Finally, a lot of people are talking about the current dispute between Oracle and one of their competitors. Alls I know is, tomorrow is Friday, so I wish it were TomorrowNow….

~Eric Pierce

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