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How could Sun do this to its partners?

Letter to the editor,

As a principal partner of a Sun Microsystems reseller, my sales people are asking what our response should be to the large number of our customers that have been contacted directly by Sun inside sales people regarding the huge discount they can get on Sun servers, storage, and other products at Sun Store [Massive Savings; Two Weeks Only].

These discounts are not available to Sun resellers like ourselves, and I would like someone to ask them what their thoughts are regarding the impact on their partner resellers.

I have been a Sun reseller for a long time, and they have always been channel friendly in the past.  It’s disheartening to see their lack of consideration for those businesses that have stuck by them through their financial troubles.


Mike Willard
Principal Partner
Soccour Solutions

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Wow...the only thing beating my amazement at Sun's action is the immediacy of the reaction! In the last 20 years I've often seen Sun prune the channel, always with widespread grievance, but never have I seen such agregious treatment of active VARs (by Sun at least). Of course, in days gone by Vendor actions akin to this would have gone without meaningful challenge until it was too late. Now you can say without doubt that Sun's acknowledgement, reaction and apology are directly due to sources like Nicole Lewis and TechTarget. ONLY by quick coverage, assimilation, and broadcast was VARs' fury made potent. This particular issue was an absolute testament to the Channel Media's purpose and power. TechTarget seemed instantly capable of "channeling" the promise of dire repercussions, and pushing them into Sun's light...perhaps even saving Sun in the process. Wow...!
So, there is a story in the old testament that says to make a mistake is to realize you have made and error and do nothing to correct it. It appears that somewhere within Sun, someone had what initially looked like a good idea – perhaps this person came from a merchandise retail environment – and that good idea didn’t fit within the computer industry business models. Sun is making so many positive steps forward, surely Sun feels like they have inflicted a huge bee sting to the channel partners and perhaps the feel they have regressed some. In my opinion, Sun is working hard to administer first aid to assist their partners in recovery from this sting. Short-term pain is certainly real, but this error will not be seen as a mistake, retrospectively. And the smart channel parter will take this opportunity to grow closer to Sun.