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HP partner wish list

LAS VEGAS–As the Hewlett-Packard Americas Partner Conference convenes here Monday,  HP VARs and integrators have a lot of questions for the new management. Here, based on a totally unscientific survey, is what they want to hear from HP.

1: What’s the HP cloud plan? Be specific about deliverables and time tables. HP CEO Leo Apotheker recently made some broad-brush announcements about HP’s plan to build cloud infrastructure and to host a cloud-based app store. But where’s the beef?

 2: What’s the partner play in the aforementioned HP cloud? What’s in it for us?  What differentiates the HP cloud from Cisco’s or Microsoft’s cloud?  

3:  Why WebOS?  Why is WebOS better than established incumbent phone-and-tablet OSes like Android and Apple iOs.  

4:  Stop talking smack. Everyone knows Oracle gets under your skin. Let it go and focus on real issues. Tell us how you’ll make HP the go-to choice for servers, for networking hardware, for cloud infrastructure. Let Oracle, Cisco, insert-latest-archrival here do whatever it is they do. HP needs to focus on why HP is or can be the best choice for VARs and their customers.

5: Why HP storage?  Selling HP servers and PCs is pretty easy. HP storage? Not so much.  You’ve spent heavily to fill gaps in that lineup. So why is it now our best option?  What can HP storage do for us and our customers that EMC, Dell and others can’t?

6: Get your sales guys in line and on board. We see conflict and we don’t like it. We expect it from Dell but we don’t want to keep seeing it from you.

7. How dedicated to partners is your CEO?  SAP, Leo Apotheker’s last company, is not exactly a paragon of channel love.  Will he be responsive to channel concerns?

8. What about non-converged hardware? Not every customer is dying to buy servers/routers/storage in one big gulp from one supplier. What’s HP’s best-of-breed message going forward?

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