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HP augments Simply StoreIT to support MSA storage enhancements

HP Simply StoreIT resellers can expect to see additional resources in the program to reflect enhancements made to the vendor’s MSA storage system that were announced today.

The company added data tiering, thin provisioning and other storage capabilities to the entry-level HP MSA storage system, aimed at improving efficiency and productivity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

HP launched the Simply StoreIT program, a program aimed at helping SMBs choose among storage products, 18 months ago. The program also includes tools, resources and incentives to help HP reseller partners improve sales opportunities with SMB customers. Today’s enhancements to the program include new tools that target the enhanced MSA, such as quote and configuration templates, co-branded lead generation materials, training resources designed to help partners improve sales and time to revenue, and a new Quick Start guide, according to the vendor.

The new MSA 1040/2040 firmware is scheduled for general availability next month.

The HP Simply StoreIT reseller program is part of HP’s Just RightIT program of products and solutions, including servers, storage, networking and services, for SMBs.

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I do not know any company who uses it instead of Citrix and VMWare. I did a POC with vWorkspace version 6.x and EOP performance was not as good as ICA or PCoIP. But I did like vWorkspace’s Management Console.
How does vWorkspace compare to VMware and Citrix VDI?
Hits sweet spot of functionality needed with lower cost and Dell support.
I like the User Monitoring and the Hyper Cache.
Simpler and less expensive with the support of Dell.
VMware and Citrix is old player and mature technology. vWorkspace features build around Microsoft. Microsoft itself in market compare to the VMware build around linux assumed most stable OS. on Top of Vmware hypervisor is based on thin layer however; microsoft OS itself expose great security and stability risks.
Haven't heard a thing about it from our Dell sales force.