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Getting a grip on your customers' infrastructure = one step to building recurring revenue

Back in April, I wrote about how some technology solution providers are using various asset management portals to manage their customers’ service contracts and warranties and when stuff is up for renewal. The idea is to get a deeper peek into everything that might be part of their clients’ technology infrastructure — not just the stuff that the VAR itself might handle. This insight might be used toward future sales. At least that’s the theories.

One of the asset management portal tools and services companies that I included in that story, Managed Maintenance Inc., has just released a new product called IMSelect. The idea behind the IMSelect solution is to help VARs, resellers, MSPS and other members of the value-added channel help their customers attack investment management more methodically on an ongoing basis. IMSelect includes both the company’s portal management tool along with a dedicated “contract specialist” who helps the technology solution provider proactively manage contracts and figure out what might need attention.

I happen to know that the folks who created the service and solution have a whole bunch of background with IBM products, so that’s the initial focus for its partner relationships. But IMSelect certainly isn’t limited to IBM technology. And, as my original story indicates, tools like these could help with the ultimate holy grail for many IT solution providers: building a steady monthly, recurring revenue stream.

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