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Get inside the mind of the CIO with IBM's latest global survey

I’m kind of guessing that you enjoy hearing about data that helps you get inside your customers’ head. So, here’s a pointer over to IBM’s latest global survey of more than 2,500 CIOs.

Key findings from “The New Voice of the CIO” research include the following factoids:

  • 83 percent are investing in business intelligence and analytics technology to help improve their decision-making process
  • 76 percent are planning or already in the middle of virtualization projects
  • More than half are looking to standardize business processes (and the way technology supports them), across their company. So, it sounds like departments will have less authority to invest in renegade IT projects.

That last item in particular should be concerning to VARs and systems integrators that have managed to get in through the back door with projects in the past. As larger companies look to centralize their infrastructure more, it may be tougher to do that.

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