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Gartner: 10 ways IT service providers can win wallet share

OK, so you’ve made the swap-over to emphasize services. Problem is, lot of other resellers are telling the same story. So, how can you differentiate, especially in a nasty economic climate?

The channel research team at Gartner has come out with 10 ideas of how IT solution/service providers can stand out. Some of the suggestions aren’t exactly revelations, but all are worth some thought if you have time to stare out the window before the New Year and give your business some long-term thought. Here are five of the most intriguing thought-provokers:

  1. Talk about how you can share the risk. In an environment where credit is tight, this will help remove a buying objection. Moreover, it could help you maintain your pricing in a competitive situation.
  2. Speaking of risk, examine how risk management can be aided by your services. I don’t necessarily advocate targeting the financial services segment right now, but if you’re involved with the sector at all, you’ll know that the role technology can play in risk management and risk mitigation is a hot topic, regardless of all that’s going on. In fact, interest is being spurred even more by the meltdown. Other industries, such as health care, will also benefit from your knowledge of this area.
  3. Keep on top of government regulations. Not an easy proposition right now. But, by staying abreast of new laws or legislation, especially related to the environment or to compliance, your company can help customers assess and sort through developments that might have an impact on their business. You can also help them use existing or new economic stimulus initiatives to better effect.
  4. Offer utility pricing wherever it makes sense. In other words, look for ways to support payment flexibility that will help your customer but IT and your services in the way that makes most sense for their balance sheet.
  5. Document and continue improving your project management and implementation processes. The easier you make it for someone to use your services, the more likely they are to sign the purchase order.

Here’s the full press release for some additional food for thought, including the other five ideas. The link to the full report is also available in the same place.

Heather Clancy is a high-tech business journalist and strategic communications consultant with SWOT Management Group. She can be reached at

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