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Freebies if you buy former VAR's business tome

Don’t normally do the promo thing, but figured some of the solution providers who read ChannelMarker on a semi-regular basis might be interested in this information. If you buy a business book on August 17 written by one of your own — Charles Nault, the founder of network integrator Atrion Networking — you’ll be able to get a whole bunch of additional business management materials. Free. You like free, right?

The book is “Risk-Free Techology,” which I wrote about last year. The book offers ideas for ways that an IT solution provider can earn the role of trusted advisor with his or her customers.

If you buy the book on August 17 (instructions are on the Web site), you will have access to a bunch of bonus materials including the following:

There are more things, but those should give you a flavor. (You can get your bonus list by forwarding an e-receipt showing proof of purchase of “Risk-Free Technology” to

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