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Forget “Crossing the Chasm;” future is for VARs who can cross the generation gap.

Note to self: Acquire notebook computer before next business travel commitment in early September. Filing blogs from an iPhone distinctly not fun.

Remind TechTarget team to super-duper spell check this.

How do teens and 20-somethings cope with texting, which is like water torture to me?

But more on generation gaps in a sec… Emerging for the next phase of my channel journalism existence in my not-so-favorite place (Las Vegas)

I HAVE run into some of my favorite solution providers (aka VARs) here at CompTIA’s 25th anniversary Breakaway event. Good to see you guys!

As is apt for a nostalgia-fest, the opening session here was one of those seat-squirmers intended to make you think outside your comfort zone.

In his session “The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Shape The 21st Century,” futurist James Canton touched often on a generation gap that is being exacerbated by technology.

How much have you thought about what your customer will look like in 2015? Not to mention your employees and maybe even your boss!

Note to you: Why are you waiting?

Some of my friends think they can squelch their kids’ interest in things like testing and Webkins and MySpace.

Can you say ‘lost cause?’

What we CAN do as parents and adults and business leaders is use our, ahem, perspective, to channel those new habits and ideas into solutions for the future. Think about how tech support, as an example, could be revolutionized by adding video.

Quicker resolutions. Empathy.

Anyway, even if it makes you feel “old” you need to start looking to the “youth boomers.” After all, why should they have all the fun?

Hey, thanks to the CompTIA organization for inviting me here to Vegas. More soon.
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Business journalist Heather Clancy has been inciting dialogue in the high-tech channel for close to 18 years

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Hi Heather, Great post....too bad I tried seeking you at at Xchange until Larry told me you're doing your thing. Fromm texting to Webkins, VARs need to understand the need for data transfer infrastructure. All the videos and widgets working in tandem and data flying everywhere....hello network and data storage opportunities! If you're a Cisco VAR or Intel/EMC VAR, it's time to go to work! Alani