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FCC’s jurisdiction over VoIP confirmed

A federal appeals court (8th Circuit) has upheld the FCC’s 2004 conclusion that VoIP providers (like Vonage) provide an interstate service that frees them from state control.

This ruling confirms the FCC‘s jurisdiction over VoIP, acting as regulators over the digital communication technology in similar fashion to their authority over regular telecommunications.

Despite this case dealing mostly with the more consumer market-focused Vonage, it has overtones that will affect the channel and the businesses that look to networking consultants and VARs to provide solutions for their communications needs. In short, it’s much easier to trust and invest in a technology that has an established federal commission overseeing it.

As a result, businesses can be expected to view VoIP communications as an even more viable alternative to traditional circuit-switched telephones. For networking channel professionals looking for help and ideas for selling these systems, as well as suggestions for the actual set-up, recently launched a VoIP Project Guide that answers many questions and offers helpful insight.

Thoughts on this ruling? Ideas on VoIP? Drop me a line!

~Eric Pierce

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