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Enterprise tools

Two interesting new tools for the enterprise are getting some press today. Big Blue’s OmniFind Yahoo edition enterprise search tool allows companies to search their stored information. From the sound of it, it seems like companies will be able to search their data portfolios to track down stored information. Not a bad idea for storage VARs who specialize in compliance to take a look at this. Instead of having to search file by file for old information that wasn’t properly tagged and archived, the tool allows for customizable searches that will reduce time spent tracking down information and allow VARs to devote more time to meeting regulatory compliance rules.

The other tool that caught my eye is a loss calculator that estimates the cost of lost data in an enterprise. This could be another useful tool for VARs who are trying to a professional service contract locking down data. Imagine the power of being able to put a dollar and cent value to a data breach. Seems like it could be a powerful sales tool.


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Seems like Datacore avoids comparing their product to IBM SVC storage vitualization in any of their references. They seem to both be doing the same thing. It would be interesting to see some comparisons of these nearly identical design products.
Datacore should compare them to EMC VPLEX and not ViPR. ViPR is not providing SAN virtualisation, so is it intended to compare products that don't do the same type of things ?