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Ellison reloads, fires again

Another missive from Oracle, attributed to Larry Ellison. The Oracle vs. HP (and SAP) battle continues.



“HP Chairman Ray Lane has taken the position that Leo Apotheker is innocent of wrongdoing because he didn’t know anything about the stealing going on at SAP while Leo was CEO.  The most basic facts of the case show this to be an absurd lie.  Oracle sued SAP for stealing in March of 2007.  Leo became CEO of SAP in April of 2008.  Leo knew all about the stealing.  In fact, Leo did not stop the stealing until 7 months after he became CEO.  Why so long?  We’d like to know.  Ray Lane and the rest of the HP Board do not want anyone to know.  That’s the new HP Way with Ray in charge and Leo on the run.  It’s time to change the HP tagline from ‘Invent’ to ‘Steal’.”


It sounds a little personal, no?

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