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Ellison: Integration is big, services not so much

SAN FRANCISCO–As the masses gather for Oracle OpenWorld here it’ll be interesting to see how much of the big show will highlight more integrated systems, more Exadatas, perhaps the “VM Machine.” More ZFS appliances. You know, the “Software. Hardware. Complete” vision of Larry Ellison’s dreams.

On its first quarter conference call last week, the Oracle CEO talked up integration big time–reiterating his iPod-for-the-data-center message but also played up the need for Oracle to make nice with services companies–yes–even IBM. Actually, especially  IBM.

Asked if Oracle needed to purchase a big services company as HP did with EDS, he demurred.  “IBM’s services business seems to be the dominant part [of the company and] their product business is important but secondary.   We look at it just the reverse.”

 “One thing we want to to do is obviate the need for services so if we do a good job integrating our apps together, making them easy to install and upgrade, you don’t need as many services…hardware and software and server and the OS and apps you don’t need as much integration services, he said.

On the other hand, he said Oracle has a good rapport with IBM’s aforementioned services business and looks for that relationship to expand–most notably in banking where Oracle has vertical application expertise, he said.


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So, you really don't need to backup Google Drive due to a failure at Google HQ. Yes, there could be an outage, but this is very low risk. Google's infrastructure covers the hardware/software reasons for backup pretty well.

Protecting data in Google Drive is more about protecting your data from your users. Overwrites, deletions, damaged files, etc. are the majority reasons most companies look to restore data. And, while Google Drive does offer some version control for non-Google Docs files, users need to use extra steps to take advantage of these features -- so they rarely do.