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EMC adds new search, customizable dashboard to partner portal

In just a couple of days, the new EMC Partner Portal will go live and include new functionality making easier for partners to do business with the vendor by consolidating and simplifying the design, according to the company.

Improvements that began rolling out in 2013 will come to fruition after July 25 and include a new robust search and filtering tool, customizable dashboard, and interactive content. At that time, EMC will retire Powerlink.

EMC partners will be able to access the new search and filtering tool in the top banner of the Partner Portal dashboard. The tool will allow partners to drill down by resource type, products, solutions, services, date, audience, etc.

The customizable dashboard allows partners to hide or place favorite sections upfront for convenient access. A widget icon located next to the Customize Your Portal bar at the top of the page lets partners get started on customization.

Under the Services and Support Delivery section on the portal, partners will find a new interactive service offering that replaces an older but popular one.

Prior to this latest update, new sections were added including News You Need and the one-stop-shop Partner Marketing Center, which consolidates marketing tools, best practices and a free integrated digital marketing platform for website syndication, material co-branding, social feed content and automated email campaigns.

The new EMC Partner Portal consolidates multiple sites in one location and uses a single sign-on that for most partners is the same email and password as Powerlink. Channel Xpress and EMC Partner Central will be updated with a single sign-on in the future. The vendor noted that partners could expect to see additional upgrades over time aimed at improving site experience and usability.

The worldwide partner portal is available in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese on a range of devices, including desktops and mobile devices.

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Which deal will be the most beneficial for customers?
no VDI but IDV
Wyse are used by everyone, so hits both VMware and Citrix shops. This also has an impact on resellers who sell HP and Wyse.
You never know what will happen in technology, big company's come and go overnight with little care of their customers. The private smaller companies seem to value their customers more.