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EMC Business Partner Program: Read all about it

At the EMC Global Partner Summit 2015 held in May, channel leaders talked about a tighter relationship with partners, tighter alignment between the vendor’s direct and indirect sales channels, and expanded business opportunities for all partners in the EMC Business Partner Program (BPP).

That program went live in January 2015. Today, the company rolled out the EMC Business Partner Program Guidebook, a 40-plus page resource for everything EMC channel.

The new guide provides existing EMC partners with information on the structure of the BPP, which is the umbrella program for all EMC business partners, partner requirements and benefits. The guide also serves as a comprehensive introduction to partner firms considering EMC as a vendor partner.

A large technology vendor with a sprawling partner program, EMC helps simplify multiple tracks with its BPP Guidebook: Solution Provider (VAR); Direct Market Resellers (DMR); Cloud Service Providers (CSP); Global Alliance (GA); Enterprise Content Division (ECD); RSA SecurWorld (RSA); and, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

In addition, the guide provides links to EMC’s federated companies: VMware, VCE, Pivotal, and RSA — more commonly known as The Federation.

Each EMC track has its own section that, depending on the track, may include an overview, explanation of benefits, tiers, requirements, solutions, services, marketing programs and tools. Track sections also delve into the financial benefits of partnering with EMC (including rebates, co-op, and market development funds), global financial services, demo programs, cross-border deals, playbooks and special training.

The BPP Guidebook also addresses new partner onboarding and resources such as the Partner Portal, and Global Partner Summit.

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What do you think of the concept of an Android thin client?
If anyone can do ti right it will be these guys.
A Logitech Revue is probably not the ideal device to test Android as a thin client. I've found that a lot of Android tablet devices run VMware/Citrix/RDP clients just fine. There is no reason why one of the bigger OEM's couldn't package tablet hardware inside a desktop box minus the display and make a client PC.... something like but more robust.

I'm actually considering looking at ASUS Transformer tablets with the keyboard docks running Android to replace our current HP thin client laptops.
Have you tried Terminal Service Plus?. TSP HTML5 works great on Android Phones to give them access to a Windows Environment
Anything with, any version of, Linux is good for the market battle grounds! And Google with Android is in the best position to make it move forward, they just need to get with the times and stop dragging their feet!!!
WebOS, Chrome, or Android should be viable candidates. Too bad HP completely failed to deliver on the opportunity of WebOS, and instead let it just die...
still needs to mature
Mainly looking for a cheap client that can also run video reasonably well for Citrix XenApp
It will create a new paradigm to link the consumer and enterprise usage
Wonder if thin client can be achieved by Android devices though the market is kinda juicy