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Doing VoIP right, and keeping data in transit safe

Voice over IP is one of the biggest drivers for new network channel business today, and it isn’t slowing down yet. VoIP services are expected to generate over $6 billion in revenue in North America this year, and are projected to grow to $13.3 billion by 2009, according to data from Infonetics Research .

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy money. Kenny Frerichs, president and CEO of application performance management tool vendor Network Physics, says that about of 70% of VoIP implementations are “problematic”. Misconfigured networks, contention for bandwidth from other applications, and security issues all can potentially make a VoIP project into a money pit—and put serious strains on your relationship with your client.

This week, we’ve pulled together a project guide for VoIP implementation, including tips on planning a VoIP network, migrating from traditional PBX phone systems to VoIP, and ensuring VoIP security.

Speaking of security, if you’ve been tracking the data security woes of companies like TJX, you’ll understand why data-in-transit security is getting a little more attention these days. Contributor Greg Schulz provides some tips on securing data in transit; we’ve also pulled together some related material on the new generation of storage security offerings that can help keep your clients from being the next TJX.

–Sean Gallagher

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