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Does Vista need an exorcist?

Microsoft resellers had been looking forward to the release of Windows Vista SP1, hoping it would spur more customers to upgrade from XP.

exorcistBut now, just a week after SP1 debuted, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, SP1 may be piling on to the laundry list of problems that users have experienced with Vista. The latest example comes via CIO Today, which reports that the University of Pennsylvania has advised staff and students to stay away from Vista SP1 because of driver incompatibility problems.

Hardware and software incompatibility has been one of the main reasons that users have shied away from Vista, and resellers anticipated that SP1 would fix those problems. But judging by UPenn’s reaction, and the hundreds of negative comments on the Windows Vista Blog, it appears those problems are alive and well. CIO Today points out some of the best comments, including these words by Microsoft News Tracker’s David Hunter:

“What Microsoft’s Vista operating system really needs is an exorcist given the amount of unnatural occurrences plaguing it.”

Vista, thanks to its history of problems, is now at the point where any negative publicity gets the attention, completely overshadows the positive reviews that are out there and draws comparisons to graphic, disturbing horror films. That will continue to make it hard for Microsoft partners looking to sell Vista … unless they also practice exorcisms on the side.

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