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Digital surveillance: Keep your eyes peeled

Digimerge Technologies. JDSU. Lorex Technology. On-Net Surveillance Systems. Videolarm.

Do you know any of these companies? If you don’t, Tech Data is hoping to change that. The distributor has established a new Physical Security Specialized Business Unit, which will focus on carrying products that fall into the security surveillance and network testing solutions categories. The group, which falls under Chuck Bartlett’s direction, will carry these sorts of products: digital video recorders, monitoring systems, software, IP cameras, lenses, enclosures and so on. The distributor sees a convergence of new digital surveillance solutions with tradition network integration practices.

Other vendors that are part of the unit are:

I’ve included the link for the companies that I didn’t know, that I could find on the Web!

The reason I find this all really interesting is because of some side conversations I had last month at the 1NService Interchange conference. Many of the member companies (integrators all) are mulling how to handle video surveillance and physical security systems atop their customers’ existing networks. The idea, for example, that the network will know when you’ve entered the buiding and its OK to allow access to your computer. Or not.

This requires, as you might imagine, a whole new set of technical skills. And lo and behold, there is a whole network of integrators already doing work on the physical security front, some of which are part of a group called PSA Security Network. I think we’re facing the same sort of channel convergence problem that we used to talk about five years ago surrounding data networks and telecommunications networks. Collaboration between the two worlds seems logical. And yet. … Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA, says this will be tough, given the dynamics of the physical security market and the reluctance of that community to collaborate.

So, while I’m excited about the idea of tying the cyber and physical security worlds together, it will probably be way harder than we imagine. It’s great that someone like Tech Data is getting involved. Let’s hope they have the staying power necessary to get this thing off the ground.

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If people continue to look at operation analytics or operational intelligence based on the traditional BI platforms that exist today, yes it will be costly and expensive to implement. People need to start looking at their data in a different way, stop moving the data and start leveraging it where it exists - this will remove so much of the cost and complexity. Advanced indexing technology has made good progress in this area providing access to operational data in near real-time without the whole ETL process required by BI.