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Dell plans to crank up channel marketing resources

I was lured into a briefing with some of Dell’s channel marketing team this week. While there really wasn’t any immediate news, I came away from the call with the general sense that the company plans to put way more resources into creating marketing materials for the channel to use this year. It really does need to do so, because this is one area where Hewlett-Packard has the process down cold.

On the call, two of Dell’s channel marketing managers held up the company’s October 2011 campaign, “Enabling the Evolving Mobile Workforce,” as an example of the sorts of demand-generation materials its partners will be able to leverage. They include customizable PowerPoint presentations, co-brandable marketing messaging materials such as print advertisements, e-mail campaign messages and Web banner ads, and some one-page leave-behinds (which can again be cobranded). You can download the assets from the company’s Campaign Builder site (but I can’t give you the link because I am not a partner and therefore am blocked).

“Our big goal is to make it easier for them to do business with the marketing team,” said Nikkia Despertt, channel marketing manager for enduser computing with Dell.

In the next phase, Dell plans to make more digital assets available. An example is the Mobile Workforce Digital Module, which will include code that can be directly embedded into a partner Web site. The company also is planning to introduce marketing videos, Despertt said.

The Dell marketing team wouldn’t disclose how much more it plans to spend on marketing enablement in 2012 than in the past.

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