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Dell gets it right

After slamming Dell last week for ignoring partners in its news announcements, it’s only fair to point this out: Dell gives its channel partners prominent mention in today’s press release about the new PowerEdge T100 server.

The second sentence of the release says: “Starting at $449 and available from Dell and its more than 40,000 channel partners, the T100 is an ideal first server for businesses looking to build a networked server environment to enhance productivity, flexibility and security – a top-of-mind issue among SMBs globally.”

The inclusion of partners in this announcement is especially important because the T100 is for SMBs — the customers most likely to do business through the channel. Sure, that’s the only mention of partners in the release, but the fact that it’s high up and includes a link to Dell’s partner portal is enough. (It would have been even better if the link took you to a site where you could find a partner to buy from, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.)

It’s too early to tell if Dell has finally learned from its mistakes, or if this is just a short-term, reactionary move. Either way, it at least shows some recognition by Dell that partners are important. And that’s a step in the right direction.

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