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Dell: HP playing catch-up with LeftHand acquisition

There’s an Oreo commercial that’s been out for a few weeks now, where Venus and Serena Williams hold a press conference to announce they’re joining some cookie-eating league.

Then the camera pans over to Peyton and Eli Manning, who starred in the ad campaign last year, and Peyton smugly says: “My brother and I are proud to announce this was a great idea when WE thought of it, like, a year ago.”

That was basically Dell’s repsonse to yesterday’s news that Hewlett-Packard will acquire LeftHand Networks. Two company bloggers wrote posts yesterday, both saying that HP made the move to catch up with Dell — which acquired LeftHand’s iSCSI SAN competitor, EqualLogic, back in January.

“With the purchase of EqualLogic over a year ago, our Partners were offered an ease-of-use, intelligence and automation of EqualLogic’s systems,” wrote Amie Paxton, Dell’s channel community manager.

And David Graves, editor of Dell’s Inside IT blog, wrote, “Obviously HP is coming to recognize what Dell did a long time ago – simple, intelligent, automated storage is what the mid-market wants.”

The Oreo ad devolves into a lame back-and-forth trash-talk session with phrases like “you’re goin’ down” and “ooooh, we’re scared.” Let’s hope Dell and HP have a little more serious competition … although it would give me a lot more blog fodder if they didn’t.

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