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Data reminds solution providers to think 'private' when developing cloud solutions

I’ve had my head in cloud business practices on the brain lately, because of a project that I’m in the process of finishing up this week. If you’re in the process of evaluating your own options, you should definitely check out some new data Forrester Research in the form of a report called “Hosting Service Providers — Cloud Partners or Competitors?”

If you can get past the title, what this particular analysis REALLY will tell you is how much you should be thinking about shaping your cloud solutions and services around public infrastructure options (ala Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) versus working with the private cloud infrastructure options being developed by these and other major service providers. Or, if you are really ambitious, based on private cloud infrastructure that you build out yourself.

Here are some of the numbers that you need to pay attention to:

  • Among companies that have adopted software as a service (SaaS), 36 percent are using it in some sort of of privately hosted form. What’s more, 25 percent plan future SaaS deployments that managed via a private hosting environment. How does this compare with those using public services: right now, about 40 percent of the businesses using SaaS are using the public form.
  • When it comes to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the argument for thinking private is equally compelling. Here, too, 36 percent of the companies that have adopted IaaS have adopted some private version, rather than a public service.

I should mention that this data is pulled out of the Forrester Forrsights Software Survey from the fourth quarter of 2010. The survey base is 2,124 North American and European software decision makers.

The extent to which your organization can address the private versus public debate is an important consideration, therefore, as you build out your own cloud solutions. Of course, this conversation is probably all the more relevant given the very public Amazon outage of the past week.

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