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CompTIA shares some discoveries (er, research) about e-discovery

A new study from the CompTIA tech industry association indicates that 53 percent of IT professionals expect the use of so-called e-discovery — or the discovery process in civil litigation that is using electronic information as evidence — to increase over the next several years.

The data was gleaned out of a survey conducted by CompTIA back in the fourth quarter of last year, canvassing approximately 650 IT professionals and 271 attorneys. Almost 90 percent of the attorneys indicated that they believe law firms will engage in e-discovery processes more frequently. Common triggers include:

  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Security breaches (external)
  • Lawsuits
  • Intentional internal security breaches
  • Unintentional internal security breaches

From an opportunity standpoint, technology solution providers should be interested to know that only about half of organizations actually have a formal e-discovery process or solution today. Another quarter of them are handling things informally, and the rest don’t have a policy.

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How do you think the iPhone's improved networking features will impact your IT department?
This will definately hurt our IT department
that is why we want a smartphone
This seriously makes me wonder how much people actually pay attention. Other devices have been on LTE for quite some time (Galaxy S2, etc), but the iPhone5 "will have a huge effect on employees interacting with data...."

LTE is already out and around, and a lot of people are already using it. having a new device using the bandwidth available to LTE will also have a negative impact on those of us already using it! Granted, a lot of people -do- use iPhones, but there are a LOT of other devices available as well.
as noticed, Apple is ensuring all indiviuals as well as companies fork up the additional cost with the enhanced network connectivity of the LTE feature. However, individuals with data plans from the a "grandfather clause contract", can reap the full benefits continuously if they are within a LTE area.
i-Phone will reduce the cost.
Will be great to turn off 2.4GHZ spectrum