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CompTIA gets all diplomatic

I guess CompTIA, the high-tech industry association, is getting pretty serious about recruitment. The organization has appointed close to 50 members as “ambassadors” who are charged with improving its engagement with members and potential members throughout the industry. You even get your own personalized “ambassador” logo on your business card!

Seriously, the 48 members of the CompTIA ambassador program are charged with advocacy and engagement. They will be assigned as mentors, feedback collectors and shapers of new CompTIA programs. The program is being led by Stuart Selbst, founder and president of Stuart Selbst Consulting, and Mike Semel, vice president and chief operating officer of XiloCore.

The ambassadors were picked from the ranks of the CompTIA membership, and they include executives from high-tech product vendors, technology solution providers, software companies, distributors and what CompTIA calls affiliate partners (aka many of the firms that provide a variety of channel consulting services).

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Hello Brien,
Thanks for the post. I have a question about backup/restore item level UNIQUE permission. As is stated on MSDN website, "IncludeUserSecurity " Preserves the user security settings except for SPLists that have broken inheritance and item level permissions set.

The question is how to backup/restore a "SPList that have broken inheritance and item level permission set" which is not taken care of by "IncludeUserSecurity"?

Thank you very much!