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CompTIA business confidence index shows climbs upward

In a blog entry posted last week — “The big IT job skills squeeze” — I reported on IT staffing shortages as the unemployment rate for IT jobs dips below 3 percent. Well, there’s no news like good news. According to the most recent CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index (ITIBCI) report, IT industry executives continue to express optimism about business prospects.

In its Q2 report, which is based on 305 IT executives’ opinions of the U.S. economy and was conducted in early April, the business confidence index continued its upward climb to 61.3 on a 100-point scale, up slightly from 60.2 in the Q1 report, according to CompTIA.

All this optimism suggests a pent-up demand for new talent, with most open positions described as technical (technicians and IT support personnel, application developers, cloud experts, network engineers, and security experts), according to the report.

Half of all companies reported that they have job openings, with the majority of those openings in the technical area.

In fact, according to the survey respondents, twice as many respondents reported that technical positions are very challenging or challenging to fill than those reporting that non-technical positions were very challenging or challenging to fill: 57% versus 26% , respectively.

One-third of companies responding to the CompTIA survey reported that they are understaffed while 42% are fully staffed but want to hire to expand their businesses.

Despite feeling good about business prospects, company executives are not without their concerns. The biggest change in their concerns is around disruptive technologies – with 23% of respondents citing concern, compared with 15% in the Q4 2014 business confidence index report. According to the ITIBCI, cloud computing and mobility are key factors as companies continue to grapple with how to use these technologies to best meet the needs of their businesses and their customers.

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