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Cisco-Linksys SMB combo not so pretty for partners yet

Wow, poop rolls downhill really quickly at Cisco.

It’s just been a few days since the company officially announced it would fold its Linksys small business staff and channel into the Cisco small and medium-sized business (SMB) practice and already there are complaints coming from partners.

Larry Chaffin, CEO and founder of Pluto Networks, wrote in Network World’s Cisco Subnet about getting lost in the shuffle as Cisco replaces its former SMB employees with folks coming in from Linksys.

Here’s a sample of Chaffin’s complaint:

I was really not looking forward to this when Cisco starting moving engineers and account managers away from the SMB channel and moving in Linksys teams to those positions. First hand I can tell you it has not been a great start. The new Linksys people who are taking over the current SMB roles from Cisco teams are not really up to date and do not really answer emails. This is not just one person but more than a few that I have sent emails to in different areas and never received an email back.

Chaffin goes on about his experience this week:

When sending emails to the old Cisco teams who had those position until this past weekend, I got an ‘oh so sorry’ email ‘no longer my area, bye-bye.’ Rather than helping a customer and partner out, you get an email? I was told that they no longer cover the SMB area and could not help me, and I should call or email the Linksys team that replaced them as of last week.

It’s possible these incidents are just early growing pains. We’ll have to keep our eye on the situation to find out.

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