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Channel news: Windows pre-loaded on Macs; Malware rides Windows updates

Hell freezes over: Windows now pre-loaded on Macintosh hardware The other shoe has finally dropped. When Apple transitioned its hardware to Intel processors, many pundits wondered when Macintoshes would come pre-loaded with Windows. Well, Apple still isn’t ready to make that move. But a big IT distributor is. [TechIQ]

Malware piggybacks on Windows updates Blog: Who says there’s no such thing as a free ride? Ask the Trojan that’s been piggybacking on a Windows update component to do its dirty deeds. [CNET]

EMC overhauls ControlCenter It’s been two years coming, but EMC ControlCenter 6.0 promises some major improvements, including a simpler user interface and consolidated reporting.

Ex-official at Oracle settles charge A former Oracle vice president is accused of improperly profiting from his wife’s knowledge about two deals engineered by her boss, Oracle’s chief executive. [NYT]

Verizon bags Cybertrust
US telco Verizon has agreed to buy managed security services outfit Cybertrust for an undisclosed sum. [TheReg]

NYSE undertakes IBM mainframe migration to Unix and Linux By moving from a 1,600 MIPS mainframe to distributed systems, the stock exchange is cutting transaction costs in half.[]

Wal-Mart ventures into VoIP If your Aunt Tilly hasn’t heard of VoIP yet, she will soon, at least if she’s a Wal-Mart shopper. [ChannelWeb]

Why Microsoft is stepping up its war on Linux Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 14 claimed that “Linux violates over 228 patents. Someday, for all countries that are entering WTO [the World Trade Organization], somebody will come and look for money to pay for the patent rights for that intellectual property.”  With that comment, Microsoft declared war against Linux and open source yesterday… Oh wait. My mistake, Ballmer made that attack in November 2004. [LinuxWatch]

Microsoft Viridian hypervisor ‘lobotomized’?  Features in Windows Server virtualization hypervisor, code-named Viridian, are being cut and relegated to a future release.[]

2 former Siemens officials convicted for bribery The German engineering giant was ordered to pay $51.4 million in the first trial in a series of scandals. [NYT]

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