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Channel news: Windows ‘08 to address Linux; GPL undermines Msft/Novl?

Windows Server 2008 features address Linux challenge Microsoft’s developers added new features to Windows Server 2008 in response to performance advantages that have made Linux an attractive option to current Microsoft customers. [eWEEK]

GPL to undermine Microsoft’s Novell deal? Back at ya. [TheReg]

Alcatel-Lucent workers’ info missing A computer disk containing personal information on thousands of Lucent employees and retirees has been missing for at least 10 days, Alcatel-Lucent said Thursday. [AP]

EMC to hang fire on VMWare stock sales for two years (or more) Will retain its Pac-Man shaped percentage after IPO. [TheReg]

Tech skills not so important anymore, say CIOs New polling data shows CIOs want more project management competency from employees and better so-called soft skills.

Microsoft touts server hardware improvements IT managers can expect at least one release candidate before Windows Server 2008, previously known as Longhorn Server, is released to manufacturing this year.[]

Where SOA standards matter: The SAP view SAP AG was at JavaOne demonstrating its NetWeaver Composition Environment, which it is marketing to developers as a standards-based tool for heterogeneous SOA implementations.[]

Microsoft’s FCS only partially delivers the goods Review: eWEEK Labs found that Microsoft’s new Forefront Client Security package meets only the baseline requirements for an enterprise security solution. [eWEEK]

Apple says FCC approves iPhone for sale Regulators approved Apple Inc.’s iPhone for sale in the United States on Thursday paving the way for the much anticipated device to be sold by the wireless unit of AT&T in late June. [Reuters]

5 Most outrageous inventions ever Time Table? Cool. Novelty USB drives? Ok. Techno Privacy Scarf? Eh, ooo –K. But Twirl-a-Squirrel?  [TechEBlog, via digg]

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