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Channel news: Vista sells big; Linux gaet virtual; GPL to cover Novell

20 million copies of Vista reported sold Analysts questioned the figure and said it shed little light on the program’s popularity during its first month on the market. [NYT]

Linux kernel to add VMI The next stable update to the Linux kernel, Version 2.6.21, is slated to include a new feature submitted by VMware called Virtual Machine Interface. [eWEEK]

Next version of GPL to cover Novell-Microsoft deal The non-profit group that owns rights to much of the Linux operating system says it will seek to undermine a controversial deal between Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. through a new software licensing agreement to be unveiled on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Yankee Group: Novell gaining (with Microsoft’s help) at Red Hat’s expense Whatever the reasons behind the formation of the Microsoft-Novell technology partnership announced last year, it’s helping Novell SuSE Linux gain at Red Hat’s expense, according to a research study due out next month from the Yankee Group. Meanwhile, “about 12 percent of Windows users surveyed by Yankee who had “defected” to Linux are now reversing their decisions and coming back to the Microsoft fold,” Yankee found. [All About Microsoft]

Analyst: Will new Red Hat SLA be followed by price cuts? On the surface, Red Hat’s streamlined service-level agreement is about simplification, not losing market share to Oracle or Novell. But that could change quickly as the competition introduces pricing cuts and customer wins.[]

Oracle bands with open-source patent group Database giant agrees not to sue over patents in Linux and associated open-source software–including open-source databases. [CNET]

Sprint unveils WiMax plans Sprint names several new cities to be a part of its new mobile WiMax network, as well as new vendors and a chip development ecosystem. [CNET]

Microsoft releases updated dev-tool roadmap Microsoft has published to its MSDN Web site an updated roadmap for a number of new developer products it is planning to release over the next few months. In a nutshell, here’s what’s on the books. [All About Microsoft]

Microsoft makes available public beta of its messaging and conferencing server Microsoft made available for download on March 26 a public beta version of Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007, as company officials indicated they planned to do earlier this month.[All About Microsoft]

IP communications tools boost productivity, sales IP communications tools have opened up several possibilities for one North American company, giving it presence awareness and unified messaging.[]

Rival bid forced EMC to ‘pay too much’ for RSA – CEO How do you define gouged? [TheReg]

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