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Channel news: Vista report card: Oracle plans security updates; zero-day auction raises fears

6 months later, a report card on Vista Chris Pirillo leaned away from his webcam and pointed to his printer/scanner/fax machine, which stopped scanning and faxing after he installed Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows Vista operating system. [AP]

Oracle plans 46 security updates for database, software Attackers could tamper with database servers and host operating systems by exploiting flaws across Oracle’s product line.

Zero-day auction site complicates security efforts, IT pros say WabiSabiLabi, the eBay-like marketplace for zero-day flaws, will make it tougher for companies to ward off attackers, some IT security professionals say.[]

EMC goes all out with storage overhaul Celerra, Centera, Clariion and Symmetrix lines get juiced. [TheReg]

Unorthodox ISPs jump on storage SaaS trend As hosted storage gets hot, an insurance broker and an ISP are among the businesses now trying to attract new clients by offering storage software as a service.[]

Confirmed: Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM cracked (again) Why do they even bother? [ars Technica, via Digg]

VeriSign takes $160m hit to cover stock option mess up As CFO resigns. [TheReg]

Cisco and Sprint set new pattern of collaboration in IP Enterprise WAN product to target next-gen mobile market. [TheReg]

The high-stakes debate over open access Allowing consumers to mix and match wireless gadgets and service providers could spark innovation–and compromise security. [CNET]

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