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Channel news: VMware preps lite hypervisor; Dell “sorry” for nastygram

VMware prepping embedded ‘ESX Lite’ hypervisor VMware is working on an embedded version of its virtualization hypervisor that may make its first appearance in Dell ‘Project Hybrid’ blades later this year. []

Dell apologizes for remove-this-blog-post-or-else nastygram Blog: A blog post at offering tips on buying from Dell draws a nasty cease-and-desist letter from the company’s attorney–and then a chastened apology from a Dell manager. [CNET]

EMC steps up international effort EMC announced a partnership with Indian outsourcing giant Wipro Ltd. to train 1,000 people on EMC technologies to help in presales, delivery and product development.[]

Humans, not tech, are the greatest security risk You are the weakest link. [TheReg]

Red Sox IT chief looks to shut out Wi-Fi interference The IT director of the Boston Red Sox is bracing himself for the possibility that planned municipal Wi-Fi networks in Boston and neighboring Brookline will interfere with wireless signals at  Fenway Park. [Computerworld]

Virtualization means changing roles for DBAs Virtualizing database workloads will eventually become an easier process thanks to new technology – and that means new demands on the DBA.[]

100Gbps Internet2 link spans US Gets your kicks on route IP6. [TheReg]

Next wave of virtualization technology targets enterprise desktops and applications Virtualization is transforming the datacenter, and the next wave of virtualization technology will benefit desktops and applications, according to The 451 Group, experts on innovative enterprise technologies and markets. The analysts say these improvements will lead to greater efficiency and power savings as this virtualization layer of software abstraction is added to the enterprise software infrastructure. [Tekrati]

Alereon to release new wireless USB chip Chip designer Alereon Inc. said Monday it is releasing the first chip that uses a frequency band that is legal all over the world for wireless USB, a technology with the potential to cut the tangle of cables surrounding computers. [AP]

HP hails Print 2.0 Bridging the gap between paper and the net. [TheReg]

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AWS rocks!
We're a mission-critical enterprise application in pharma and we're deployed 100% within AWS.
I think the course w'll be hard between Azure and AWS, but with the last release of Azure, Microsoft must be see as a seriouse challenge to Amazon's offer.