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Channel news: VMware/NetApp in cahoots; SAP sees boost in midmarket

VMware and NetApp in cahoots? Network Appliance strives to tighten the integration of its software –particularly its snapshot capabilities — with VMware virtualization. [

SAP sees bright future in midmarket The company makes buoyant claims for its midmarket product, expected this fall. [eWEEK]

Bharosa to give Oracle users transaction security Oracle’s acquisition of Bharosa Inc. will fill a key hole in Oracle’s security lineup, according to experts. []

Microsoft’s profit rises despite Xbox charge Microsoft said it eked out a gain in net profit despite taking a $1 billion charge to pay for repairs to its Xbox 360 game consoles. [NYT]

New hires, datacenter investments evident in Microsoft earnings There are lots of meaty bits buried in the Microsoft Q4 2007 and year-end fiscal 2007 balance sheets — including the cost of rapidly growing headcount across various divisions, as well as the huge expense Microsoft is incurring to build out its datacenters to support its Live strategy. [All About Microsoft]

Oracle/SAP lawsuit fuels third-party maintenance argument The care and feeding of business software is a touchy topic. Now, a high-profile lawsuit forces the software maintenance issue to raise its ugly head — again. []

Oracle vs. SAP lawsuit: Five questions answered Get answers to some common questions about Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP and its TomorrowNow third-party support division. []

Cheap flash sinks SanDisk’s profits Misty margin-filled memories. [TheReg]

The desktop — time to say goodbye? When it comes to the corporate customer, desktops are still king, particularly because they’re the easiest and least expensive to upgrade with fast, power-hungry components. Yet one researcher predicts it will be five to seven years before only the “die-hard” desktop users are left. Is it time for you to make the switch? [Computerworld]

Apple ties Gateway for third in US PC shipments, looks to steal the bronze While many have criticized Apple for giving the iPhone more priority than the Mac, it looks like sales aren’t suffering because of it. Presumably due to the halo effect, Apple’s US PC shipments for Q2 of this year landed them in a tie with the once mighty Gateway in terms of market share. [Engadget]

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