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Channel news: Users dis PureDisk; MSFT signs Linux deal, extends UC dev tools

Users dish on Symantec PureDisk JPMorgan and Qualcomm say deploying the data deduplication product at remote offices saves on bandwidth and management time, but they’re waiting on scalability improvements. []

Microsoft signs Another Linux deal Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday that it will license instant messaging and digital media technology to a small desktop Linux distributor, Linspire Inc., adding to a growing number of deals meant to help the Windows operating system work more smoothly with open-source software. [AP]

Intel readies massive multicore processors Researchers are working to mask the intricate functionality of chips with as many as 80 cores so PC makers and software developers can adapt to them. [CNET]

CRN, VARBusiness publisher lays off 200 people, three mags Faced with a precipitous category-wide decline in technology print advertising and massive change in audience information consumption, CMP Technology announced this morning that it is dramatically restructuring to focus on digital media, and in the process is laying off 200 people and closing three magazines. [Folio] [Reuters’ version of the story.]

AT&T willing to spy for NSA, MPAA, and RIAA In a move that has executives from movie studios and record labels grinning from ear to ear, AT&T has announced that it will develop and deploy technology that will attempt to keep pirated content off its network. The move is spurred in part by the company’s decision to offer IPTV television service as part of its U-Verse package, AT&T senior VP James W. Cicconi told the Los Angeles Times.  [Ars Tecnica]

Microsoft’s next developer platform: Unified communications Microsoft got its start by appealing to developers. Since its early days, the company has added more and more developer platforms to its line-up. And now it’s building out another: An official developer platform for unified communications.[All About Microsoft]

FBI pulls plug on several botnet hackers More than 1 million computers – possibly yours, too – are used by hackers as remote-controlled robots to crash online systems, accept spam and steal users’ personal information, the FBI said Wednesday. [AP]

Analysts: Juniper will regain core router share in 2008 Network equipment maker Juniper Networks Inc. will likely gain share in the router market in 2008 with a new product due for sale later this year, analysts said, although rival Cisco Systems Inc. will not cede its dominance. [ChannelWeb]

IBM System i gets VoIP via Nortel IBM and Nortel are collaborating on IP telephony software and hardware that competes with the System i package 3Com announced last year.[]

31 days lost each year putting out IT fires Business managers in the UK say they lose more than 10 percent of their time to IT problems, leaving many to ask if IT is an asset at all. [eWEEK]

Options trade cost Steve Jobs $4 billion  Apple CEO missed out on more than $4 billion in personal profit on Apple stock, thanks to a decision he made to cut his exposure to the stock four years ago. [via Digg]

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Tom, you hit the nail on the head. does exactly what you suggest. We use Open Source solutions for two reasons, one is they are low cost so our SMB market can afford them, and in complete concordance with you, we are portalble, you can take your data and be up and running on the same software very quickly, albeit without some of our value add. Integration as a Service as well as Infrastructure as a Service are part of the O4BO.COM platform.