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Channel news: U.S. defends MSFT vs Google; Safari for Windows

Google complains about Microsoft’s Vista Internet search leader Google Inc. is trying to convince federal and state authorities that Microsoft Corp.’s Vista operating system is stifling competition as the high-tech heavyweights wrestle for the allegiance of personal computer users. [AP]

Microsoft finds legal defender in Justice Dept. A company the government once tried to break up has been repeatedly defended by the Bush administration against charges by Google of anticompetitive conduct.

Apple extends Web browser to Windows Apple Inc. has set the stage for yet another rivalry with Microsoft Corp. by launching a Windows version of its Safari Internet browser and inviting developers to create Web-based programs for its upcoming iPhone. [AP]

Citrix eats dead NAC vendor assets Tastes like chicken, SSL and IPSec VPN functionality. [TheReg]

IBM bids $745 million for Telelogic International Business Machines Corp. said Monday it agreed to buy software provider
Telelogic AB for $745 million in cash, bolstering IBM’s portfolio for the defense, telecommunications and automotive industries. [AP]

HP sharpens its PC blades The two new PC blades accompany new and upgraded software that HP says will improve the manageability of thin-client computing and reduce network latency. []

Sun looks to expand service offerings A new inventory management feature offers IT managers a better means of tracking a data center’s assets. [eWEEK]

Is the managed security market saturated? The market for secure managed services is filling up quickly. The latest entrant is Kaseya, with plenty of new rivals surfacing soon. VARs could have a tricky time picking and choosing between all the options. [TechIQ]

Microsoft announces 2007 Partner Program Award finalists Awards recognize partner innovation using Microsoft technologies. [Microsoft]

Apple kicks off WWDC with Jobs speech As developers gather in San Francisco, they’ve got two big things on their minds: the iPhone and the Leopard OS. [CNET]

Apple, Cisco may be early winners in IPTV Apple and Cisco Systems may be among the early winners in the nascent IPTV market, which already has drawn a menagerie of players. [ChannelWeb]

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And here I sit, at a market research facility in MN desparate to find a cloud developer for an online focus group. I need 7 of them. You fine folks are harder to find than a needle in a haystack.
The full-stack developer is a modern unicorn. Perhaps this explains the specialization and increasing team size I've noticed lately. My front-end developers tell me their job has become much more complicated even in the last 6 months. I would expect agile developers who have experience in cross-functional teams to have more exposure to the variety of skills and technologies needed for a job like this. Working closely with colleagues in multiple specialties, including business and operations, seems most natural for agilists.
If a company is looking for a cloud developer.  It would be better to hire someone that has some knowledge about it and a willingness to learn new things.  The idea of a full stack anything is odd, because a lot of devs like to learn new things to prevent burn out.