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Channel news: Talking Trojan deletes data; MSFT to ship security patches

Talking Trojan says ‘bye bye’ to victims’ data At least it’s not stealthy, one supposes: A newly reported Trojan not only tries to delete all the user’s files, but plays a highly annoying audio clip as it does so. [Computerworld]

Microsoft to release 6 security updates next week An anonymous reader wrote in with an article that leads: “Microsoft will release six groups of security patches next week, including three critical updates for Windows and Excel users. The critical updates will fix bugs in many different versions of Microsoft’s products including the latest versions of Excel, Windows XP,
Vista and Windows Server 2003, Microsoft said.” [NetworkWorld]

Malicious insider sells Fidelity National customer data A database administrator at Fidelity National Information Services Inc. was fired for stealing and selling up to 2.3 million customer bank and credit card records. []

Report: Data breaches don’t often result in ID theft A report released Thursday by the GAO indicates that just one-sixth of the 24 largest data breaches reported between January 2000 and June 2005 resulted in actual identity theft. The report could give support to those who want breach-notification rules eased. [Computerworld]

Exchange Server 2007 fix rollup is ready Microsoft is following up on its November launch of Exchange 2007 with some fixes to a few nettlesome problems.[]

“DVD Jon” cracks iPhone activation, kinda “DVD Jon” lets iPhone owners use the iPod and WiFi features before activating the phone. [DailyTech]

iPhone on any network by Friday – any bets? Hackers and security companies have been tearing apart the iPhone, to check and bypass its security. Many are trying to find a way to hack the code that binds the iPhone to AT&T. Once successful – and a successful hack is expected this week – the iPhone could be used on any network. Will they do it by Friday? [DigitalTrends]

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta due imminently Microsoft is preparing to field a private beta of the 2.0 version of its security-backup subscription service, Windows Live OneCare.[All About Microsoft]

Red Hat wants interoperability without patent pledges, Microsoft says no Microsoft has predictably dismissed Red Hat’s offer of interoperability collaboration sans patent pledge. Red Hat says interoperability can be built on unencumbered open standards, but Microsoft says it won’t build bridges without toll booths when dealing with open source. [ArsTechnica]

Verizon technology chief talks fiber CTO Mark Wegleitner explains why Verizon is spending billions to take fiber to the doorstep. [CNET]

Xbox 360 repairs will cost Microsoft $1B In another setback for Microsoft Corp.’s unprofitable entertainment and devices division, the company says it is planning to spend at least $1 billion to repair serious problems with its Xbox 360 video game console. [AP]

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