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Channel news: Symantec security, isn’t; MSFT’s six critical patches

Symantec security products less than secure Two words: Live Update. [TheReg]

Microsoft plans six critical patches Fixes critical vulns in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. [TheReg]

American sent to the slammer for faking Windows certificates Microsoft has a party. [TheReg]

Cisco warns of critical IOS flaws Attackers could exploit multiple flaws in Cisco’s IOS to cause a denial of service or remotely execute arbitrary code. []

EMC buys Tablus for data classification and security The acquisition, announced today, allows EMC’s InfoScape file management product more widespread data classification and security capabilities, the company says. []

Google starts charging for extra storage Microsoft and Google engaged in some low-level sparring in the online-storage space on Thursday, with Microsoft relaunching its paid Windows Live Skydrive service and Google quickly trumping with its first-ever paid space offer. [Computerworld]

VMware raises IPO price range VMware’s latest SEC filing is fueling speculation that the company’s IPO could come as early as Aug. 13. [eWEEK]

Microsoft storage services: code-name Cosmos The Microsoft Code Name of the Day is Cosmos. Cosmos, according to sources experienced in the ways of the orderly, systematic universe, is a forthcoming data storage/processing framework for Live Search. [All About Microsoft]

AMD passes the collection plate again Brother, could you spare $1.5bn? [TheReg]

Network physics simplifies application SLA management Network Physics’ NetSensory 6.1 adds at-a-glance views of application performance with its new SLA Dashboard. [eWEEK]

New monitoring technology helps university find mobile users With students and professors so mobile on his campus, a university CIO adopted a new monitoring technology to identify users and better understand network behavior. []

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