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Channel news: Sun plans Java for cellphones; Sun beeft up NetBeans

Sun plans version of Java for Web-linked cellphones Sun Microsystems will revamp its Java software to compete more effectively in the market for Internet-connected mobile phones. [NYT]

Sun beefs up NetBeans New features of the Sun NetBeans open-source IDE include support for Ruby on the JVM as well as new service and support options. [eWEEK]

Microsoft exec ‘surprised’ by interest in virtual desktop infrastructure  Microsoft’s virtualization guru, Mike Neil, is surprised by IT managers’ eagerness to move to virtual desktops, and thinks most companies should hold off a bit.

Project Indiana: Could Sun outshine Microsoft’s Silverlight? At its JavaOne conference, which kicks off in San Francisco on May 8, Sun is promising a major technology unveiling, code-named “Project
Indiana.” It sounds like at least part of Sun’s announcement could involve a deal with Adobe, via which Sun will be distributing the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as part of Adobe Flash.

Silverlight checklist: What developers need to know Using Silverlight for rich Internet application development is certainly appealing, but there are a few things .NET developers should know before getting started.[]

IBM offers annual support for free DB2 Contracts buy you clustering and replication too. [TheReg]

The trouble with Google hacking techniques The threats posed by Google hacking techniques are overblown and can be easily avoided with a layered security program, says security expert Ira Winkler.[]

Oracle makes bid to streamline data auditing Oracle Audit Vault to help simplify data auditing and aid in meeting the regulatory requirements businesses face. [eWEEK]

Business Process Outsourcing is still largely untapped Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) suppliers have achieved critical mass and are now successfully competing with major global suppliers of BPO, according to an Everest Research Institute study ranking 16 of the top Indian BPO suppliers. [Tekrati]

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