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Channel news: Spoofing technique passes filters; Microsoft open-source signals mixed

Strange spoofing technique evades antiphishing filtersTargets include PayPal, eBay and others. [TheReg]

Microsoft crosses signals on open source Days after saying that open source software infringes on its patents, Microsoft discloses its plan to build bridges between Active Directory and OpenLDAP. []

Connecticut sues Best Buy for deceiving customers State’s Attorney General: “Best Buy treated its customers like suckers” by using “a technological bait-and-switch-plus.” [eWEEK]

MS nixes potential IIS 6.0 flaw Microsoft has investigated a public proof of concept code that claims to demonstrate a vulnerability in IIS 6.0, finding that there’s no vulnerability and that the the code in question doesn’t even use IIS 6.0. IIS 6.0 flaw that may lead to a DoS attack and which researchers say “definitely” allows attackers to access special DOS devices (COM1 in this case). [eWEEK]

PwC study: Majority of top executives bullish on outsourcing Outsourcing, warts and all, is an “essential business practice” for CEOs, according to a new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers.[]

Internet users unfazed by spam: study The volume of spam arriving in Americans’ personal and workplace inboxes is rising, but email users are less bothered by it than they once were. [TheReg]

HP marries Cisco’s Infiniband switches with clusters and blades And clusters made of blades. [TheReg]

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There could be a lot here for a lot of CIOs and IT department managers to learn. Justifying the cost of IT departments is coming under more scrutiny at the moment (see what with cloud computing and the dismal economy so any help in controlling workload and deadlines is useful.