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Channel news: Spammers get inventive; Juniper beefs up security appliance

Spammers use fresh technique to evade filters Taking advantage of an inability common to most anti-spam systems, spammers and malware purveyors are sneaking into e-mail inboxes via encrypted or password-protected file attachments. [Computerworld]

Juniper beefs up security appliance software As part of its strategy to give organizations more visibility into what’s going on in their networks, Juniper Networks this week launched new versions of the software that runs its security and intrusion prevention and detection appliances. [ChannelWeb]

Microsoft to release DNS patch Tuesday In addition to a fix for the DNS Server Service flaw, Microsoft plans to patch critical flaws in Windows, Office, Exchange, CAPICOM and BizTalk.

Advanced net monitoring lets outsourcer deliver more for less Keeping a remote eye on everything from fan speeds to CPU temperatures helps medical outsourcer fix problems before they happen. [Computerworld]

SonicWall offers free UTM with appliances SonicWall this week re-launched TotalSecure, a security hardware and services package aimed at helping the vendor capture a larger share of the small business market. [ChannelWeb]

Silverlight’s shine seen in video editing application Top Banana, Metaliq’s video editing app, was built in a month using Silverlight and Expression and takes up less than 50K, the company CEO said at MIX07.[]

Senate committee OKs bills on personal data breaches Overlapping measures prescribe new rules for government agencies and private firms that experience break-ins. Will they become law? [CNET]

Intel Cuts Another 1000 Jobs Employees working on 200mm technology gets moved aside for 300mm engineers. [DailyTech]

Wiretaps, no-fly lists, and suing AT&T Computers, Freedom and Privacy: Eavesdropping is an art form. [TheReg]

Microsoft’s latest spin on Web apps At Mix ’07, software giant turns spotlight on Silverlight, its Flash challenger, and opens up about its Web strategy. [CNET]

RFID Guardian Protects Your Privacy An anonymous reader writes “A new device devised by
Amsterdam graduate student Melanie Rieback is designed to serve as a portable firewall for RFID tags. The portable battery-powered RFID Guardian uses an access control list to filter RFID queries, blocking queries that aren’t approved. Rieback, who is also known for being the first researcher to develop a proof of concept RFID virus, hopes to offer version 3.0 of the RFID Guardian to the public at cost.” [Slashdot]

Consumerist: Top Geek Squad stories Deja Vu: Geek Squad Gives Elderly Couple’s Hard Drive to Flea Market.Geek Squad Sued For Videoing Customer In Shower. ETC. [via Digg]

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